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1. The list of accepted papers to Proceedings LNAI 5027:

1 Driver Assistance System Based on Monocular Vision

Yu-Min Chiang, No-Zen Hsu, and Kuan-Liang Lin
2 Particle Swarm Optimization for Object Recognition in Computer Vision

Hugo A. Perlin, Heitor S. Lopes, Tânia Mezzadri Centeno
3 Building Surface Refinement Using Cluster of Repeated Local Features by Cross Ratio

Hoang-Hon Trinh, Dae-Nyeon Kim, and Kang-Hyun Jo
4 Local Subspace-Based Denoising for Shot Boundary Detection

Xuefeng Pan, Yongdong Zhang, Jintao Li, Xiaoyuan Cao, Sheng Tang
5 Image Retrieval Using Modified Color Variation Co-occurrence Matrix

Yung-Fu Chen, Yung-Kuan Chan, Guo-Uei Chang, Meng-Chi Tsao, Yu-Jhuang Syu, Chuen-Horng Lin
6 Tool Condition Monitoring using the TSK Fuzzy Approach based on Subtractive Clustering Method

Qun Ren, Marek Balazinski, Luc Baron, Krzysztof Jemielniak
7 Admissible Fuzzy Controller in L 2 Space

Takashi Mitshuishi, Yasunari Shidama
8 Application of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps for Stock Market Modeling and Forecasting

Wojciech Froelich, Alicja Wakulicz-Deja
9 Fuzzy ARTMAP Neural Network for Classifying the Financial Health of a Firm

Anatoli Nachev
10 Fuzzy Interpolative Reasoning Using Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Sets

Li-Wei Lee, Shyi-Ming Chen
11 Fuzzy Measurement of the Number of Persons on the Basis of the Photographic Image

Dariusz Król, Michał Lower
12 A Cross-Platform Robotic Architecture for Autonomous Interactive Robots

Yasser F. O. Mohammad, Toyoaki Nishida
13 Match-up Strategies for Job Shop Rescheduling

Patrick Moratori, Sanja Petrovic, Antonio Vázquez
14 Entropy Based Diversity Measures in Evolutionary Mobile Robot Navigation

Tomás Arredondo V., Wolfgang Freund, César Muñoz
15 Intelligent System for Traffic Signs Recognition in Moving Vehicles

Bogusław Cyganek
16 Document Clustering based on Spectral Clustering and Non-negative Matrix Factorization

Lei Bao, Sheng Tang, Jintao Li, Yongdong Zhang, Wei-ping Ye
17 Application of Data Mining Algorithms to TCP Throughput Prediction in HTTP Transactions

Leszek Borzemski, Marta Kliber, Ziemowit Nowak
18 Incremental Mining with Prelarge Trees

Chun-Wei Lin, Tzung-Pei Hong, Wen-Hsiang Lu
19 Learning Higher Accuracy Decision Trees from Concept Drifting Data Streams

Satoru Nishimura, Masahiro Terabe, Kazuo Hashimoto, Koichiro Mihara
20 Recommending Software Artifacts From Repository Transactions

Joern David
21 Ranking Links on the Web: Search and Surf Engines

Jean-Louis Lassez, Ryan Rossi, Kumar Jeev
22 Cluster Analysis for Users’ Modeling in Intelligent E-learning Systems

Danuta Zakrzewska
23 An Empirical Investigation of the Use of a Neural Networks Committee for Identifying the Streptococcus Pneumoniae Growth Phases in Batch Cultivations

Antonio C. L. Horta, Teresa C. Zangirolami, Maria do Carmo Nicoletti, Luciana Montera, Talita S. Carmo, Viviane M. Gonçalves
24 Suboptimal Nonlinear Predictive Control with MIMO Neural Hammerstein Models

Maciej Ławryńczuk
25 Test Case Generation from QR Models

Harald Brandl, Franz Wotawa
26 Shape-based Human Activity Recognition Using Independent Component Analysis and Hidden Markov Model

Md. Zia Uddin, J.J. Lee, T.-S. Kim
27 Potential Distribution Modelling Using Machine Learning

Ana C. Lorena, Marinez F. de Siqueira, Renato De Giovanni, André C. P. L. F. de Carvalho, Ronaldo C. Prati
28 A Cluster-Based Classification Approach to Semantic Role Labeling

Necati E. Ozgencil, Nancy McCracken, Kishan Mehrotra
29 Data Reduction Algorithm for Machine Learning and Data Mining

Ireneusz Czarnowski, Piotr Jędrzejowicz
30 A New Word Clustering Method for Building N-gram Language Models in Continuous Speech Recognition Systems

Mohammad Bahrani, Hossein Sameti, Nazila Hafezi, Saeedeh Momtazi
31 Integrating Topic Estimation and Dialogue History for Domain Selection in Multi-Domain Spoken Dialogue Systems

Satoshi Ikeda, Kazunori Komatani, Tetsuya Ogata, Hiroshi G. Okuno
32 The Effect of Emotional Speech on a Smart-Home Application

Theodoros Kostoulas, Iosif Mporas, Todor Ganchev, Nikos Fakotakis
33 Another Face of Search Engine: Web Search API’s

Harshit Kumar, Sanggil Kang
34 The consistency and conformance of Web document collection based on heterogeneous DAC graph

Marek Kopel, Aleksander Zgrzywa
35 Pedagogical Protocols Selection Automatic Assistance

Paola Britos, Zulma Cataldi, Enrique Sierra, Ramón García-Martínez
36 Lagrangian-Based Solution Approaches for a Resource-Constrained Parallel Machine Scheduling Problem with Machine Eligibility Restrictions

Emrah B. Edis, Ceyhun Araz, Irem Ozkarahan
37 A Hierarchy of Twofold Resource Allocation Automata Supporting Optimal Web Polling

Ole-Christoffer Granmo, B. John Oommen
38 A Heuristic Search for Optimal Parameter Values of Three Biokinetic Growth Models for Describing Batch Cultivations of Streptococcus Pneumoniae in Bioreactors

Luciana Montera, Antonio C. L. Horta, Teresa C. Zangirolami, Maria do Carmo Nicoletti, Talita S. Carmo, Viviane M. Gonçalves
39 Efficient Handling of Relational Database Combinatorial Queries using CSPs

Malek Mouhoub, Chang Feng
40 Maintaining Population Diversity in Evolution Strategy for Engineering Problems

Roman Dębski, Rafał Dreżewski, Marek Kisiel-Dorohinicki
41 Clustering of Gene Expression Data with Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization

Wei Chen, Jun Sun, Yanrui Ding, Wei Fang, Wenbo Xu
42 Ant Colony Optimization for the Single Machine Total Earliness Tardiness Scheduling Problem

Rym M’Hallah, Ali Alhajraf
43 Tuning Constrained Objects

Ricardo Soto, Laurent Granvilliers
44 Ontology-driven approximate duplicate elimination of postal addresses

Matteo Cristani, Alessio Gugole
45 A Knowledge-Based System for Fashion Trend Forecasting

Paola Mello, Sergio Storari, Bernardo Valli
46 Planning with Multiple-Components in OMPS

Amedeo Cesta, Simone Fratini, Federico Pecora
47 The Contact Scheduling Process of the Galileo Navigation System

Tiago Franco , Flávio Moreira, Stewart Hall, Henrique Oliveira
48 Novel Extension of k-TSP Algorithm for Microarray Classification

Marcin Czajkowski, Marek Krętowski
49 Simultaneous Vehicle and Crew Scheduling for Extra Urban Transports

Benoît Laurent, Jin-Kao Hao
50 SitCom: Virtual Smart-room Environment for Multi-modal Perceptual Systems

Jan Curín, Jan Kleindienst
51 Optimizing Building’s Environments Performance Using Intelligent Systems

E. Sierra, A. Hossian, D. Rodríguez, M. García-Martínez, P. Britos, R. García-Martínez
52 Individualism and Collectivism in Trade Agents

Gert Jan Hofstede, Catholijn M. Jonker, Tim Verwaart
53 Adding Attentional Capabilities Features to an Intelligent Virtual Agent

Brunny Troncoso P., Ricardo Imbert P., Angélica de Antonio
54 Adaptive Power Management Based on Reinforcement Learning for Embedded System

Cheng-ting Liu, Roy Chaoming Hsu
55 Hybrid MAS GIS Coastal Systems Modeling Methodology

Dominique Urbani , Marielle Delhom
56 A Hybrid Multi-Agent Model for Financial Markets

Stephen Chen, Jonathan Tien, Brenda Spotton Visano
57 A Teleo-Reactive Architecture for Fast, Reactive and Robust Control of Mobile Robots

Gerhard Gubisch, Gerald Steinbauer, Martin Weiglhofer, Franz Wotawa
58 Evolutionary Public-Key Cryptographic Circuits

Nadia Nedjah, Luiza de Macedo Mourelle
59 Automatic Selection of Cutting Tools Geometry using an Evolutionary Approach

Orlando Duran, Nibaldo Rodriguez, Luiz Airton Consalter
60 Optimal Sizing and Siting of Distributed Energy Resources Considering Public and Private Incentive Policies

Angelo Campoccia, Eleonora Riva Sanseverino, Gaetano Zizzo
61 Test Pattern Generator Design Optimization Based on Genetic Algorithm

Tomasz Garbolino, Gregor Papa
62 Solving Stochastic Path Problem: Particle Swarm Optimization Approach

Saeedeh Momtazi, Somayeh Kafi, Hamid Beigy
63 Meta-heuristic Algorithm for the Transshipment Problem with Fixed Transportation Schedules

Zhaowei Miao, Ke Fu, Qi Fei, Fan Wang
64 A Dynamic Population Steady-State Genetic Algorithm for the Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem

Mariamar Cervantes, Antonio Lova, Pilar Tormos, Federico Barber
65 Access Control for XML Document

Yun Bai
66 Extending Knowledge Base Update into First-Order Knowledge Bases

Ewa Madalińska-Bugaj, Witold Łukaszewicz
67 Shared Context for Knowledge Distribution: a Case Study of Collaborative Taggings

Jason J. Jung
68 Modelling and Automated Analysis of Organisations from the Air Traffic Management Domain

Alexei Sharpanskykh
69 Visualized Technique for Trend Analysis of News Articles

Masahiro Terachi, Ryosuke Saga, Zhongqi Sheng, Hiroshi Tsuji
70 Solving SQL Constraints by Incremental Translation to SAT

Robin Lohfert, James J. Lu, Dongfang Zhao
71 Using place and transition fault net models for sequential diagnosis time assessment in discrete event systems

Iwan Tabakow
72 A CBR-Based Approach for Ship Collision Avoidance

Yuhong Liu, Chunsheng Yang, Xuanmin Du
73 Multiphase Data Exchange in Distributed Logic-Algebraic Based Processing

Leszek Borzemski, Mariusz Fraś
74 Visualization of Financial Trends using Chance Discovery Methods

Tzu-Fu Chiu, Chao-Fu Hong, Yu-Ting Chiu
75 A Survey on Reviewer Assignment Problem

Fan Wang, Ben Chen, Zhaowei Miao
76 A declarative framework for constrained search problems

Paweł Sitek, Jarosław Wikarek
77 Addition and Deletion of Agent Memories to Realize Autonomous Decentralized Manufacturing Systems

Yamamoto Hidehiko
78 Investigation of Influence of Grinding Regimes on Surface Tension State

Halas Witold, Taranenko Victor, Swic Antoni, Taranenko Georgij
79 Estimating Flexibility Requirements in a Demand-driven Lean/JIT Environment

Peter Nielsen, Kenn Steger-Jensen
80 Constraint programming approach to time-window and multiresource-constrained projects portfolio prototyping

Irena Bach, Grzegorz Bocewicz, Zbigniew Banaszak
81 Adaptive E-Learning: an Architecture based on PROSA P2P Network

V. Carchiolo, A. Longheu, G. Mangioni, V. Nicosia
82 Real-Time Car License Plate Recognition Improvement based on Spatiognitron Neural Network

Dariusz Król, Maciej Maksym
83 Handling Dynamic Networks Using Evolution in Ant-Colony Optimization

Christopher Roach, Ronaldo Menezes
84 Rule Bases Integration on the Example of a Fuzzy Model of WIG20

Izabela Rejer
85 Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process in Maintenance Problem

Mª Socorro García-Cascales, Mª Teresa Lamata
86 Proposal for Agent Platform Dynamic Interoperation Facilitating Mechanism

Xiaolu Li, Takahiro Uchiya, Susumu Konno, Tetsuo Kinoshita
87 A Formal Framework of Conversational Goals based on Strategic Reasoning

Mohamed Mbarki, Jamal Bentahar, Bernard Moulin
88 An Auction-Based System for Workforce Resource Allocation

Nadim Haque, Botond Virginas, Mathias Kern, Gilbert Owusu
89 Scenario Description Language for Multi-Agent Systems

Armin Stranjak, Igor Cavrak, Mario Žagar
90 The CrocodileAgent: A Software Agent for SCM Procurement Gaming

Tvrtko Milicic, Vedran Podobnik, Ana Petric, Gordan Jezic


2. The list of accepted papers to Springer-Verlag book
New Challenges in Applied Intelligence Technologies (link) :

1 A Comparative Study Between Human-Human Interaction and Human Robot Interaction

KangWoo Lee , Jung-Hoon Hwang, Dong-Soo Kwon
2 Dialogue and Argumentation in Multi-Agent Diagnosis

Asma Moubaiddin , Nadim Obeid
3 Reinforcement Q-Learning and Neural Networks to Acquire Negotiation Behaviors

Amine Chohra , Kurosh Madani, Dalel Kanzari
4 getALife - An Artificial Life Environment for the Evaluation of Agent-Based Systems and Evolutionary Algorithms for Reinforcement Learning

Daniel Machado , Miguel Rocha
5 An Approach to Efficient Trading Model of Hybrid Traders Based on Volume Discount

Satoshi Takahashi , Tokuro Matsuo
6 Improving the Efficiency of Low-Level Decision Making in Robosoccer Using Boosted SVM

Pravin Chandrasekaran , Muthucumaraswamy R
7 Closed Pattern Mining for the Discovery of User Preferences in a Calendar Assistant

Alfred Krzywicki , Wayne Wobcke
8 An implementation of Goal-Oriented Fashion Recommendation System

Mikito Kobayashi , Fumiaki Minami, Takayuki Ito, Satoshi Tojo
9 A Proposal on Recommender System Based on Observing Web-Chatting

Fumiaki Minami , Mikito Kobayashi, Takayuki Ito
10 Ontological Query Processing and Maintaining Techniques for FAQ Systems

Sheng -Yuan Yang
11 On Human Resource Adaptability in an Agent-Based Virtual Organization

Costin Bădică , Elvira Popescu, Grzegorz Frackowiak, Maria Ganzha, Marcin Paprzycki, Michal Szymczak, Myon-Woong Park
12 On the Pursuit of a Standard Language for Object-Oriented Constraint Modeling

Ricardo Soto , Laurent Granvilliers
13 A Layered Ontology-Based Architecture for Integrating Geographic Information

Agustina Buccella , Domenico Gendarmi, Filippo Lanubile, Giovanni Semeraro, Alejandra Cechich, Attilio Colagrossi
14 Generalizing the QSQR Evaluation Method for Horn Knowledge Bases

Ewa Madalińska-Bugaj , Linh Anh Nguyen
15 On Vowels Segmentation and Identification Using Formant Transitions in Continuous Recitation of Quranic Arabic

Hafiz Rizwan Iqbal , Mian Muhammad Awais, Shahid Masud, Shafay Shamail
16 Adaptation of FCANN Method to Extract and Represent Comprehensible Knowledge from Neural Networks

Sérgio Mariano Dias , Bruno Magalhães Nogueira, Luis Enrique Zárate
17 Video Similarity Measurement Based on Attributed Relational Graph Matching

Ines Karouia , Ezzeddine Zagrouba, Walid Barhoumi
18 A Knowledge-Based System for CMM Evaluation

Javier Andrade , Juan Ares, Rafael García, Santiago Rodríguez, María Seoane, Sonia Suárez
19 Gating Artificial Neural Network Based Soft Sensor

Petr Kadlec , Bogdan Gabrys
20 A Classification Method of Users Opinions Using Category-Based Dictionary Generated from Answers in Open-Ended Questionnaire System

Keisuke Negoro , Hiroaki Oiso, Masanori Akiyoshi, Norihisa Komoda
21 Training of Classifiers for the Recognition of Musical Instrument Dominating in the Same-Pitch Mix

Alicja Wieczorkowska , Elżbieta Kolczyńska, Zbigniew W. Raś
22 Impact of Fuzzy Logic in the Cooperation of Metaheuristics

Jose Manuel Cadenas , Maria del Carmen Garrido, Enrique Muñoz
23 An OCL-Based CSP Specification and Solving Tool

Samira Sadaoui , Malek Mouhoub, Xiaofeng Li
24 Effects of At-Home Nursing Service Scheduling in Multiagent Systems

Hiroshi Date , Tokuro Matsuo
25 Greedy and Exact Algorithms for Invitation Planning in Cancer Screening

Marco Gavanelli , Michela Milano, Sergio Storari, Luca Tagliavini, Paola Baldazzi, Marilena Manfredi, Gianfranco Valastro
26 A Comparison of Three Meta-Heuristics for a Closed-Loop Layout Problem with Unequal-Sized Facilities

Hadi Panahi , Masoud Rabbani, Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam
27 A Genetic Algorithm with Multiple Operators for Solving the Terminal Assignment Problem

Eugénia Moreira Bernardino , Anabela Moreira Bernardino, Juan Manuel Sánchez-Pérez, Juan Antonio Gómez-Pulido, Miguel Ángel Vega-Rodríguez
28 An Efficient Hybrid Method for an Expected Maximal Covering Location Problem

R. Tavakkoli -Mogahddam, V. R. Ghezavati, A. Kaboli, M. Rabbani
29 Multi-Sided Matching Lecture Allocation Mechanism

Yoshihito Saito , Takayuki Fujimoto, Tokuro Matsuo
30 AlineaGA: a Genetic Algorithm for Multiple Sequence Alignment

Fernando José Mateus da Silva , Juan Manuel Sánchez Pérez, Juan Antonio Gómez Pulido, Miguel Ángel Vega Rodríguez
31 Investigation of Strategies for the Generation of Multiclass Support Vector Machines

Ana Carolina Lorena , André C. P. L. F. de Carvalho
32 Multiagent Monitoring System for Complex Network Infrastructure

Marcin M. Michalski , Tomasz Walkowiak
33 Multiagent Approach to Autonomous Reorganization of Monitoring Task Delegation in Distributed IDS

Karolina Jeleń , Piotr Kalinowski, Wojciech Lorkiewicz, Grzegorz Popek
34 An Intelligent Service Strategy in Linked Networks with Blocking and Feedback

Walenty Oniszczuk
35 Advances in Automated Source-Level Debugging of Verilog Designs

Bernhard Peischl , Naveed Riaz, Franz Wotawa
36 Spyware Prevention by Classifying End User License Agreements

Niklas Lavesson , Paul Davidsson, Martin Boldt, Andreas Jacobsson
37 An Application of LS-SVM Method for Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks

Jerzy Martyna

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